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Seiko 7019-8010 (‘5’ Actus)…

The Actus range was only sold in Japan during the 70’s and usually featured funky dial designs and facetted crystals, this one is quite subdued by comparison.

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Being a Japan only release I initially thought it may be quite a rare piece, but no, a quick search on eBay turns up about 20 on any given day. I can only presume they must have made millions of them!

Most of the Actus models were fitted with the 7019A movement which is near the top end of the 7 series range. This movement has Diashock installations on the escape and third wheels which accounts for the extra 4 jewels over a standard 17 jewel movement.

From a rough starting point, a service and new crystal turned it into a wearable watch again. The lume on the hands had aged badly, but I’ve relumed them since these pictures were taken.


One Response to “Seiko 7019-8010 (‘5’ Actus)…”

  1. John Wasilewski Says:

    Greetings, have just finished servicng one of these Seiko’s loveley little movement, bought it for a few dollars and now have myself another watch, don’t know what I am going to do with it as I have several dozen watches already. Love the Seiko! We run a small business her in Australia ourselves, do watches and clocks.

    Kind Regards

    Jo & John