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Seiko 6106-8100…

Another model fitted with a 6106 calibre, this being one of the popular Sport Divers with a rotating bezel. This one was running on arrival, but needed a service, it also had a little lume degradation and a heavily crazed crystal…

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This watch was made in 1968 and is fitted with a 6106B calibre which is just right, as this calibre was only made for one year before being replaced by the 6106C in 1969. Rather than the 25 jewel version of the calibre found in many of the DX line of dress watches from the same time, this model is fitted with the 17 jewel version.

These models are called Sport Divers as they were aimed at the water-sport enthusiasts rather than scuba divers, this being reflected in the water resistance of 70m rather than the 150-200m commonly found on true diving watches. Check out this vintage advert, which pitched the watch squarely at surfers…

There wasn’t too much to do on this one apart from a movement service, and putting right the minor cosmetic issues. Though the case isn’t perfect, most of the factory finish was still intact so I decided to leave it as-is.

I’m not usually a fan of bracelets but this one (though not the original) is a great match, so I’m sticking with it for the time being…


4 Responses to “Seiko 6106-8100…”

  1. craig kolakowski Says:

    I have a seiko automatic dx 6106 8219 serial# 941786 I think this would be 1969 ?

  2. Rich Says:

    Hi Craig,

    Yes, you are correct, your watch dates to April 1969.


  3. Stewart Says:

    I have one of these, with a blue dial, otherwise identical. Its been in the family from new My father bought it in Hong Kong in 1968 it is a 6106B. At the time he was an airline pilot and he flew VC-10s and in those days had to navigate by the stars, this required a time peice and so it was often checked for time keeping without fail is was loosing 2 second a day and was a better time keeper than his colueges Rolex GMT master! I have had it scince 1981 it still manages to loose 2 seconds a day!

  4. Brian Says:

    Stewart, your 6106 sounds like a such a great watch, and so cool that it’s a family heirloom!! Would love to see a picture of it!!