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Seiko 6217-7000 (World Time)…

I don’t mind a bit of a punt from time to time, so I took a bit of a gamble on a World Time model with decidedly average photos. But when it arrived, I was glad I did! Although missing its crown and stem, it was running, and in decent cosmetic condition.

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This watch was first introduced in 1964, along with the 571x series of chronographs, to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics. They were differentiated from the regular models by an Olympic flame motif on the caseback.

 However, back in the early sixties Seiko were embossing rather than stamping their casebacks, which meant that if worn extensively, the embossed part of the caseback would wear away, eventually disappearing completely to leave only the stamped serial number. Consequently, watches with embossed casebacks in good condition are highly prized by Seiko collectors these days.

This is the second 6217 World Time I’ve restored, and as I’d sourced a donor watch to fix up the first one I already had a spare crown and stem, including the all important winding gear for the city bezel, to use on this one.

So with all the parts to hand, a movement service, a clean and polish for the case and a new crystal was all that was needed this time.

The caseback on this watch, though not in great condition, is still visible at least!


3 Responses to “Seiko 6217-7000 (World Time)…”

  1. keith bond Says:

    great watch had one in the late sixtes,brought it in a bawn brokers in plymouth england in 1967.it was stolen from me when i was working in northjern ireland in 1976.have tried to get a replacemment no luck,great watch.

  2. Christopher Says:

    I have my Dad’s watch. Great condition on the back and still have the original band (not used). A beautiful watch a a smooth second hand. Love that it says waterproof. He was in Japan during the Olympics ands o now it makes sense; torch on the back. Replaced crystal (plastic?) due to crack. Will look into a worthy crystal to buy!


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