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Seiko 6106-8060 (Sea Lion M110)…

It’s been a while since I’ve serviced a 6106, and a while since I’ve picked up a Sea Lion model too. This one did run but had problems with the day changeover and quickset.

(Click pictures to enlarge)

The day pusher had been bent out of shape meaning that it didn’t engage with the day wheel properly and ‘hung up’ during the changeover. The pressure from the pusher on the day wheel has to be just right, too much or too little and it either fails to change smoothly or is misaligned. Bending it carefully back into shape and a bit of trial and error fixed the problem.

The watch also had a problem with the date quickset, I couldn’t see anything wrong with the mechanism, so it had to be a problem with the crown. Sure enough, dirt had built up under the crown and it couldn’t be pressed in far enough to change the date any more. With the dirt cleaned out, it worked perfectly.

You may have noticed on the first picture that the dial had a little damage around the 7 marker. I did the best I could to fix it, but being a linen print, it’s tricky to match up. The last thing to do was replace the crystal…

I like these watches, the split day/date layout is great, and this one has a full day readout too which is a bonus.


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