Wristwatch restoration, servicing and repair

Seiko 4006-6031 (17J Bell-Matic)…

I picked up this very sorry looking Bell-Matic with a badly scuffed up case and crystal, and showing all the signs of damaged dial feet. Looking past all that though, the hands, dial and alarm bezel looked great, plus all the original lume was still intact.

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On taking the watch apart I was surprised to find that the dial had a built in spacer. I’ve always assumed that it was only the 700x series of Bell-Matics that had this kind of dial. Sometimes it’s great to be wrong!

As I’ve described in a previous post, it’s possible to replace the feet without soldering on this kind of dial, as the old ones can be drilled out and new ones can be made and fitted relatively easily.

With the main problem solved, a movement service, a new crystal and quite a bit of work on the case finished the job…


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