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Seiko 7002-7000…

Another 7 series diver, this time a non-runner from 1995. A good looking watch, albeit sporting a full set of aftermarket replacement parts, dial, hands and bezel insert.

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A problem with this one was a missing bezel click-ball, a common problem for these watches, as once the bezel is prised off, there is little stopping the ball from falling out if you’re not expecting it. Without a click-ball, the bezel just spins freely rather than rotating with a firm click.

The spring that the ball sits on was also missing (but the inner sleeve was still in place), so I used the spring out of a thin springbar and it’s quite a well known trick to replace the missing ball with the roller-ball from a ‘medium’ sized Bic pen.

The spring needs to be cut one coil shorter than the inner sleeve. The trimmed end should then be filed flat and level so it slips smoothly into the sleeve.

Here’s a shot with the ball in place. A bit of trial and error may be needed to get the ball to sit at the right height, too high, and the ball slips out of the hole and jams the bezel, too low, and it doesn’t click. It’s better to cut the spring a little long and file off the excess gradually to get it just right.

After a once over for the movement, new gaskets, and strap, and the revival is complete. The case was even better on this one than the last one, not bad at all…


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