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Seiko 6106-9010 (Sea Lion M330)…

Another Sealion model fished out of the bay, this time a M330 from 1968.

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The crystal was so badly scratched that it was difficult to see what was going on underneath. As the case was another one piece, the crystal had to be lifted out with the claw…

On the whole, not too bad, a few small scratches on the dial and hands and a little lacquer erosion around the dial edge which is hidden by the crystal ring. The lume on the dial and hands is still in good condition.

The 6106B movement is consistent with the serial number as this calibre was only made for one year (1968) before being replaced with the C variant in 1969, which introduced a quickset day function.

After a thorough clean and oil, a little case polishing and some serious work on the crystal this is the result.


3 Responses to “Seiko 6106-9010 (Sea Lion M330)…”

  1. P Mather Says:

    I still have my Seiko Sealion and still going strong – bought in Penang 1968/69 – Serial No: 853097.


    P Mather

    PS. Also Seiko AGS Serial No: 920011 – bought in Italy 1990/92

  2. Philip Says:

    I’m waiting for my Seiko M88 Sea Lion 6106-8030 Serial # 861479 to be repaired and returned from Seiko Corp of America. To my knowledge, the watch is from 1968 – my birth year. This was my grandfather’s watch. I’m not sure where he got it from.
    Can’t wait to get it back!

  3. Al Says:

    I have a similar one 61069010/800084. A gift from a friend.