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Seiko 7005-8062…

Another local find, this time a large cased ‘diver-style’ dress watch from 1973, fitted with a 7005A movement. Under the cracked crystal and all the dirt, it looked good.

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The 7005 movement is one of my favourites, it’s an exercise in simple but effective design. As it’s a date only caliber, the keyless works can be cut down to only 5 parts. The watch had obviously been sitting around for some time, notice the old congealed oil that had gathered under the calendar ring, a sign of previous over-oiling.

When cleaned and oiled, the movement was like new.

All finished up, it’s a great looking watch.


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  1. James Says:


    I have a SEIKO 7005 8062 that needs a service and the crystal glass to be replaced, Could you provide a quote please.